updated 5-5-14





1. Skin Bond Glue, made by Smith & Nephew, used to attach colostomy bags. Available through surgical supply or can order at any drugstore.

2. Coaches Athletic Tape or any good adhesive tape, available at Marc's , Wall Mart or drugstore. [I recommend 2" but 1"will work] 

3. 3/4" backer rod  , available at Home Depot or any hardware.

4. Bottle of adhesive remover [ I use Goo Gone]

Until you get the hang of it I suggest 2 people to do ears


Cut backer rod  length of ear from knob to tip,[ cut slightly longer than ear length, and wrap in tape] Apply skin bond to one side of cylinders, and inside of ear [ be careful not to get down into the ear itself] Pull ear upward by tip and place cylinder, glued side to inside of ear resting on ear knob, hold in place for a few seconds. Cut tape in approximately 12" lengths, and wrap ear starting at the base and wrapping towards the the other ear in a spiral manner. Be sure that the tip is pulled up straight to avoid curling backward at tip, and wrap securely. [Be very careful not to wrap to tight and cut off circulation]  Repeat for other ear. When this is done properly puppy will look like he has horns. Now for the hard part. Using 1"or 2" tape, cut 12"-14" length of tape, split ends of tape and tear from both ends towards middle leaving approx. width of puppy forehead, fold over width of forehead part. [sticky sides together] Hold ears straight up and at the base and center of inner part of ear, wrap split tape around in opposite directions [do this to both ears] making sure that ears are straight up. [not leaning in or out] Be sure to adjust brace going across forehead to puppy head width, this will help keep ears straight. This should last 5-7 days at which time you should use adhesive remover and take all off, cleanse thoroughly and then redo. At anytime that ears start leaning inward, or get wet they should be redone. After ears start standing they can be left undone a few hours, but the as soon as they curl or flap over put them back up. This is sometimes frustrating and a lot of work but the results are worth it. Check ears every so often for foul odors, and if you detect a foul odor remove taping immediately and cleanse ear thoroughly, check for sores, and open areas, then re-tape.

There are a lot of ear taping methods out there but I found this to be the easiest and most successful. Good Luck and I hope you get beautiful straight ears.