DaneAcres Puppy Questionair


please fill out and e-mail to me at kitcan2000@yahoo.com

Daneacres Prospective buyers questionnaire

This application has several purposes, although it helps me in obtaining necessary information for the placement of my puppies, its purpose first and foremost is to require you to carefully think about Gr. Dane ownership. Gr. Danes are truly magnificent animals but they are not for everyone. They demand constant attention and require a lot of time and training. They are as expensive as they are large and due to their size they require the biggest food bowls, blankets, crates, etc. and especially large bags of premium dog food. Things like veterinarian cost and medication become exponentially expensive when compared to caring for a smaller breed.

Please consider each answer carefully, I want to know that after much careful and thoughtful consideration you still want a Gr. Dane. If you feel that I'm being to nosey or asking unnecessary questions then please consider the sheer numbers of Gr. Danes in rescues, or worse yet a pound or shelter.


Street Address:


State or Province:


Phone: [cell and home]


1. Do you own or rent your home? If you rent, you will need written permission from your landlord and it must be notarized and include their contact information.

2. How many adults live in your home, how many children and what are their ages?

3. Do you have other pets? If yes what kind and how many?

4. Have you owned a Gr. Dane before? If not why do you want to own one now?

 5. Have you done any research on the Gr. Dane breed, and if yes how much? [Good source is GDCA, AKC, and Danes on Line]

6. Do you have a fenced yard? If not are you willing to put up a fence or kennel run for this puppy? [underground fencing is not acceptable for a Great Dane]

7. Who will primarily responsible for the puppy?

8. How many hours in a typical day will puppy be alone?

9. What kind of sleeping arrangements will you have for your puppy?

10. Would your puppy primarily spend its time indoors or out?

11. What are you looking for, male, female, fawn, brindle, Do you want to Show, breed, or a personal companion?

12. Does anyone in your home have allergies?

13. Have you ever given a dog away, taken it to a shelter or pound, or ever had to euthanize a puppy or dog? If yes please explain.

14. Do you:  a] Agree not to let this dog ride in the back of an open vehicle? b] never let it run loose in an unfenced area where harm may come to it? c] Never tie up as a means of confinement?

15. Are you willing to take this puppy to obedience classes, and who will be in charge of the training? We strongly advise obedience training for all Danes, simply because of their huge size.

16. Have you or anyone in your immediate family ever been convicted of any charge related to cruelty to animals or child abuse? If so explain in detail.

17. Would you object to me, [as the breeder] or a friend of mine visiting your home to see how the puppy is adjusting to its new surroundings?

19. Please list 3 references, one being your veterinarian. These references will be followed up on before a puppy is placed with your



Now its your turn. Please ask any questions you may have and add any comments you would like.

My Danes are part of my family and by getting one of mine you become part of our extended family. My goal is to place all my puppies in loving forever homes. I give a lifetime health warrantee for genetic defects diagnosed by a veterinarian who specializes in that field. i do not warrantee against illness brought on by nutritional deficiency, such as HOD, OCD, etc.

If at anytime you wish to visit me and my Danes I will be happy to set up an appointment for you.




Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. It will help me place the right puppy with you. If you wish more information about me or my Danes please feel free to contact me.