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These precious babies are gone from our world but will remain in our hearts forever, and someday we will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge


Here are a few of the pets we’ve had, and will never forget


Very very sad day for all of us at DaneAcres

 Ch. Jerdan Jade Angel Eyes V Dane Acres "AKA" J-LO       Our Sweet Sweet J-Lo left with our Ms. Maggie Mae, for Rainbow bridge 08/08/2012 she will be missed by all that knew her. Her greatest joy in life was to play dress up with the kids we love and miss you  LO LO

     CHIC # 32226


                 Best of Opposite               Best of Breed 

                             Thank you Judges

                George Murray                   George J. Heitzman


Dane Acres Ms. Maggie Mae "AKA" MAGGIE   Ms. Maggie left us on 08/08/2012 with J-Lo sleep well sweet girl until we meet again, we miss you both


Maggie has been spayed and is a great companion. She will live out her life at Dane Acres with those that love her.



Dane Acres-Jerdans I'm A Lady "AKA"  Lady   Lady left us for the Rainbow Bridge 11-12-2011 She was a beautiful girl and is missed by all of us. Rest Well sweet girl until we meet again. 6/20/05 - 11/12/2011

Heart of Ohio Great Dane Specialty 6-23-06            Lady goes BOW & BEST of OPPOSITE at the McKinley KC in Canton Oh. 6-10-07

 Lady takes Best Jr. and Best In Sweeps                  Thank You Judge Ms. Barbara Dempsey Alderman   pix coming soon



Sadly Tayna went to Rainbow Bridge 5-13-09

Champion Jerdan's ShadyCreek My Gal Sitiena AKA "Tayna"

   12/10/2000 - 5/13/09 Sleep well my sweet girl until we meet again

click on Tayna to see show shots


  Jerdan's Chantilly Lace AKA "Laycee "    LAYCEE went to Rainbow Bridge 12-18-08 Our heart aches and we miss her terribly

 2/28/02 - 12/18/08


Echo has gone to Rainbow Bridge and is deeply missed by Thom & Nancee  and all of us at DaneAcres

                 DaneAcre-Jerdan Litl Sir Echo 6/20/05 -4/03/08            

                  He was a Sweet boy who Loved everyone and is missed by many


Rowdy went to the Rainbow Bridge 1/14/08  due to an infection that was not treatable by antibiotics

CH Jerdans Ready To Rumble DaneAcres AKA Rowdy 06/15/04 - 01/14/08

Rowdy was a beautiful boy and loved by all who met him. We will miss him forever, he is now with his beautiful mother Princess Ty. Rest well my sweet boy, we love and miss you

CH. Lost Creek's Joseph Dane Lane X BISS CH. Jerdan's Princees Ty

Rowdy at the GDCA Natls. 2004                   



DaneAcres Titan AKA "Buddy" after a very short time in this world went to Rainbow Bridge on 5-11-07 [due to bloat and surgical complications] He endeared himself into the hearts of all who knew him, especially the Calmes Family who loved him dearly


Cracker Jax AKA “CJ” the best friend I ever had went to the Rainbow Bridge 3-16-05 He was my friend, my companion and my protector. CJ was the gentlest and most loving Dobie I've ever had the pleasure to be around and I miss him everyday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


                                                                                                                 3-15-90 to 3-16-05

 My daughters first dog. He was a true credit to his breed. He was faithful, loyal, and very protective. His intelligence was his downfall, for he could open doors by turning the knob with his mouth and if we didn’t keep the doors all locked he could let himself out. Sadly to say, one day the door was left unlocked and Duncan let himself out and was hit by a car. We lost a true friend and companion that day. Our family went for a few years before we were ready for another companion.                                          


    In 1976 we bought a new home and decided it was time for another pet. That’s when Benji came to live with us. He was a beautiful cocker spaniel and loved the kids dearly. He developed heart disease and left us in the spring of 1990.


 In 1988, my husband’s, boss had a litter of Dobies. Fred and I went to look at them, and one little female would not leave us alone. She followed us everywhere and begged for attention. We ended up taking her home with us, and named her Penny Pooh Bear. She loved everyone and everyone loved her, her favorite game was Frisbee and she’d play till she dropped. She was very good with children and was very protective of her home. She would let you in but you could not leave unless Fred or I walked you out. She was this way with everyone, even if she knew you, we came home many an afternoon to find someone like Fred’s or my mom sitting in the living room because Pooh wouldn’t let them leave. She was one of the best friends we ever had and we miss her every day.   



    Mr. Stubbs lived with us from 1990 to 1995, when we had to put him down because of aggression. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.





Buster Brown lived with us from 1990 to 2001, he was gentle and loving. He would always sit at the window in the afternoon watching for Fred to come home from work. You couldn’t get him to leave his post no matter what, he’d sit there for hours, sometimes, Fred worked very late. Buster left us just before his birthday in March of 2001. It was a sad day in our lives. 





    Over the years I have had many animal friends live with me. I have taken in many orphaned and abandoned critters, such as rabbits, squirrels, and birds, and fed and cared for them until they were able to survive on their own. One such critter was Shadow the raccoon. The problem was Shadow refused to return to the wild for a long time. She lived with us for a little over 4 yrs. and it was a real adventure. She got along very well with the dogs and cat that we had, and she totally loved Fred. Shadow was never caged and could leave when she wanted to, she would come in the house through the dog door to eat and visit. One of her favorite pastimes was to watch T.V. and play with the remote, and her favorite food was fried chicken. We were very careful and made sure she had her rabies shots and proper medical check ups annually. We got Shadow when she was just a few days old in the spring of 1995 [her mother was killed in a building tear down] and she was with us until July of 1999, at the time Shadow left us she weighed over 50lbs. , she just went off one day and never returned. We like to think she returned to her own kind, and is living in the woods somewhere. Raccoons life expectancy in the wild is approx.7 yrs. So she is most likely gone to Rainbow Bridge to be with Pooh who was one of her best friends.  




WE DO NOT RECOMMEND RACCOONS AS PETS, THEY ARE VERY DISTRUCTIVE AND CAN BECOME VERY DANGEROUS AS THEY MATURE. We were very lucky with Shadow. She caused minimal damage to our home and didn’t hurt anyone.